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Manley’s Equine Therapy

Welcome to Manley’s Equine Therapy a whole horse concept through Equine Shiatsu Massage. I live here in Dickson Tn with my family. My love for horses began before birth, my sweet momma can be credited with this. I want horses to feel their best and my passion is the whole horse, nose to tail!!!   I followed Geary Whiting Shiatsu massage and I could see the amazing results with the concept of energy and balance in the whole horse, so I became a practitioner through his program. Shiatsu massage can make a big difference for performance horses as well as the good ole horse that just needs to feel better. Shiatsu massage has both improved speed and endurance after only a small number of sessions. 

If you and your equine partner need help feel free to contact me.

I look forward to meeting you and beginning the journey to a balanced happy horse!



The holistic approach in horse concepts ranges from teeth, nutrition, saddle fit, hoof health, muscular/skeletal alignment, and biomechanics. A whole horse concept is the basis of my approach to equine massage. A horse can give subtle or extreme signs when he or she is uncomfortable, it leads to owner frustration’s which leads to more tension within the horse and rider.  

Why use PEMF? Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy works on a molecular level to improve cell health and promote proper cell function. PEMF therapy also improves the immune response, which helps your horse fight off infections and illnesses.

Manley’s Equine Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage Therapy

I will perform Shiatsu therapy, acupressure, an old form of Japanese physiotherapy, in addition to the benefits of PEMF therapy, laser, and red-light therapy. Much of the work I will do will cover soft tissue injuries, movement dysfunction, and energy balance improving strength, stamina, range of motion, and stiff joints, stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities. 



Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) is FDA approved to treat depression, anxiety and help improve the horse’s mood.

Manley’s Equine Shiatsu Massage

Red Light and Laser Therapy

These therapies can accelerate healing processes by stimulating trigger and acupuncture points. The energy from the light’s specific wavelengths is absorbed by a photo acceptor, cytochrome c oxidase within the mitochondria of the cell. In low-level laser therapy, the cells will soak up the energy and repair themselves and become healthier.

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Our Prices

Massage Therapy Shiatsu     $80.00  

Includes but not limited to: (laser/red light/photonic/craniosacral)
Massage Therapy with PEMF   $110.00
Full body /shiatsu/craniosacral
                    (focused areas/ shorter sessions can be arranged per situation  basis)
PEMF Therapy: Multiple packages

3 Sessions  $195
6 Sessions  $300
On-Site Event 
PEMF Specific Area Sessions
15 minutes  $20
                    30 minutes  $35
                    45 minutes  $55


A travel fee of $30 is added after 50 miles.  I travel locally to barns, training centers, horse shows, veterinary centers, and similar areas. I live in Dickson Tn and look forward to meeting you.